Hiiii I'm Lauren. 23. Basically I love Louis. But not as much as Harry does.


are people still gonna try to defend ben winston after this

Anonymous: With the emergence of that Oh Yeah Wow article, esp this close to the tour, I can /feel/ that things are about to get very awkward, very fast. I agree that this kind of thing should be talked about but I'm really, /really/ not going to enjoy seeing the boys called out on this (as much as it needs to happen). It sounds dumb but it's hard seeing your faves called out on doing something like that.


I know exactly how you feel. Ben absolutely needs to answer for his actions, but unfortunately and unfairly, when this story starts gaining traction it’s going to reflect badly on the boys, more than on him.

Based on Oh Yeah Wow’s tweet, it looks like they tried to address this with Ben’s production company privately, but didn’t get anywhere, so Ben’s doubly at fault here; first for ripping off the idea and again for unnecessarily forcing this conversation into the public sphere.


i hope one day we see louis grinding on harry in a club

this actually annoys me a bit (x)




i feel awful because the members of one direction are so genuine and talented but they’re constantly being screwed over by the people who work for them and as a band they end up looking ridiculous from liam not apologizing for tweeting…

Anonymous: Isn't funny though, how Oh Yeah Wow didn't react before 1D? How they say other bands have done it but let us do a No Direction for 1D only? It sucks

I mean I obviously think that they saw their chance and took it. Like you said they reported that other bands have plagiarized their stuff before but decided to ultimately call one direction out on it. It was a good move on their part because One Direction is extremely relevant and they probably knew they had a good chance of being heard. At the same time I’m not sure it’s gonna cause a stir within One Direction’s camp. They probably won’t even acknowledge it. 

This video was criticized before it even came out. Once the concept was out there and teasers were released, many criticized the fact that it was basically poorly copying a michael jackson video. Sort of a been there done that. I think this is where we should call ben winston out. I mean any man who choosing a special effect over a close up of zayns face should be questioned…. 

Basically what I’m saying is that I’m not sure who gave ben winston this ego boost but I think he’s gotta get back to the drawing board and come up with much better concepts or maybe the one direction team gets their shit together and hires someone with fresh ideas …someone who is outside of their little bubble. Thinking we need some outside perspective. But that’s just me.

So are Oh Yeah Wow right for calling out one direction? Sure why not. Publicity is the name of the game, and One Direction’s team sure knows all about that. They really have nothing to lose. I doubt it will affect One Direction. But at the end of the day that was a blatant rip off of the video. Even up to that stupid crate. 

Thanks for listening to my rant. Bye :)


#if it wsn’t for the ass wiggle i’d have thought it was harry

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